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PN7150 device tree

Question asked by Sivasubramaniyan P on Jul 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by RICHU C J

I have PN7150 NC controller on custom apq8909 board. I am adding the hardware configuration in the device tree. But my device is not registered in i2c bus and device noe /dev/pn544 is also not created. The following iss the device tree coniguration for PN7150. Is the configuration is either right or wrong. Please help me to solve the probem


nfc: pn544@28 {
status = "okay";
compatible = "nxp,pn544";
reg = <0x28>;
nxp,gpio_sda = <&msm_gpio 111 0x00>;
nxp,gpio_scl = <&msm_gpio 112 0x00>;
nxp,gpio_ven = <&msm_gpio 53 0x00>;
nxp,gpio_mode = <&msm_gpio 27 0x00>;
nxp,gpio_irq = <&msm_gpio 98 0x00>;
qcom,clk-src = "BBCLK2";
interrupt-parent = <&msm_gpio>;
interrupts = <21 0x2>;
interrupt-names = "nfc_irq";
pinctrl-names = "default","suspend";
pinctrl-0 = <&nfc_int_active &nfc_reset_active &nfc_mode_active>;
pinctrl-1 = <&nfc_int_suspend &nfc_reset_suspend &nfc_mode_suspend>;
nxp,i2c-pull-up = <1>;
clocks = <&clock_rpm clk_bb_clk2_pin>;
clock-names = "ref_clk";


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