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Routing problem after moving Router far away from Coordinator

Question asked by Thanh Pham on Jul 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by Dang Thanh Nha

Hi all,


Currently, I got a routing problem occurs when I tested a Zigbee network between a Coordinator and a Router. The test's steps are described below:

1. Coordinator is a USB Dongle and  is used JN-AN-1216 software

2. Router is a DR1174 dev kit and is used JN-AN-1217 software

3. Router is joined Coordinator network. I can use ZWGUI to send Active Request, Simple Descriptor Request, Management LQI Request... commands to Router and get responses back from Router.

4. Move Router gradually far from Coordinator and use above commands to check network connection between Coordinator and Router

5. When Router is far enough from Coordinator and no command from ZWGUI is responded by Router, connection between Router and Coordinator is considered to lost. 

6. Put Router right beside Coordinator, no command from ZWGUI is responded by Router.


I use Ubiqua to log Zigbee messages. Link status from both Coordinator and Router are periodically monitored. When command is sent from ZWGUI, Coordinator will issue Route Request to discovery route to Router. But it seems like Router does not process neither Link Status nor Route Request message from Coordinator. Routing table is also not updated for both Coordinator and Router. Please see attached detail logs from ZWGUI, Router and Ubiqua.


Anyone knows the problem, please help me. 

Thanks a lot !