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What does this status means ZPS_APL_ZDP_E_NOT_ACTIVE?

Question asked by jay prajapati on Jul 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2020 by Witold Sowa

Hello Every One,

Some stack related details.
stack : JN-SW-1470

build version : 1840

application : JN-AN-1217


Here i am trying to send report attribute manually for power,temperature and humidity with address type E_ZCL_AM_BOUND, but when sending report some time in return status of API i get ZPS_APL_ZDP_E_NOT_ACTIVE.

and report is miss. What does this status code means to say?. 

In JN-UG-3113 they have mention this "The requested endpoint is not described by a Simple descriptor."

but not getting much clarity.


Note: delay between each report is 50ms.

Hope for reply soon!

jay prajapati