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KW36 - COP (WDG) is not working

Question asked by Dileep Divakaran on Jul 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



I am trying to enable watchdog in FRDM KW36, but its is not working, device is not reseting properly by watchdog/COP.


Here is the code snippet of initialization


      cop_config_t configCop;

      * configCop.enableWindowMode = false;
      * configCop.timeoutMode = kCOP_LongTimeoutMode;
      * configCop.enableStop = false;
      * configCop.enableDebug = false;
      * configCop.clockSource = kCOP_LpoClock;
      * configCop.timeoutCycles = kCOP_2Power10CyclesOr2Power18Cycles;
            configCop.timeoutMode = kCOP_ShortTimeoutMode;
      COP_Init(SIM, &configCop);




I found that, After COP initialization, the value in the SIM->COPC register is not updating. It is always zero.


Anyone face this kind of issue? Please help me out to figure out the issue.


Thanks in advance