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Error encountered when creating PIL block for a simulink model with Motor control toolbox

Question asked by Qi Wei on Jul 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by Paul Vlase

I intended to do PIL for my Simulink model.

I created a template model ForPILCreate_Template.sltx, in which there is only one block MCD_MC9S12ZVMx_Config_Information inside. In this template model, all the configurations that are required for creating the PIL block are implemented.

Then I started the test.

Step 1, I created an empty model based on the template ForPILCreate_Template.sltx, saved it as simple_select_fun_example.slx.

Step2, In the model simple_select_fun_example.slx, I added the subsystem select_fun_subsys which needs to be tested, and also its corresponding inports & outports.

Step3, In the Toolbar, I clicked the button “Build” to start the process of creating a PIL block for model simple_select_fun_example.slx.

Step4, Finally, the build procedure finished. Although a PIL block was created, there are warning messages prompted in the Diagnostic Viewer. For detailed error information, please refer to the attached file “simple_select_fun_example_build_20190705_085636.txt”, see line50~line52 and line56~line62.

Would you please help me to figure out what does the error message mean? And how shall I solve it?

Thank you!