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How can I debug the internal boot process on the RT 1020?

Question asked by Henrique Nogueira on Jul 4, 2019
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We've developed a custom board using the RT1020 chip and it's giving us some trouble with the boot sequence.


The design is based on the MIMXRT1020 development board (all the relevant systems are an exact replica of the original design), and so we'd like it to boot from the QSPI NOR flash. The boot config pins are set to the default low (BOOT_CFG[7:0]) and the boot mode is set to internal boot (BOOT_MODE[1:0] = 0b10).


We're using the J-link base as an external probe, and when trying to run the example program 'evkmimxrt1020_iled_blinky'. The flashing process appears to be successful but then it seems that the program gets  stuck on the BOOT ROM region. When appyling this same exact process on the evk board, everything works as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about finding the core reason behind this issue? Ideally it would be nice to know from the bootrom program flow exactly which part of the process is failing, but I don't know if that's possible. I've ordered an USB2UART adapter to be able to communicate with the board through the 'serial downloader' protocol, but for now that's still not an option.