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A2T07D160W04SR3 RF Power LDMOS Transistor Biasing?

Question asked by manju patil on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by LPP

Hello Team NXP,

We are using A2T07D160W04SR3 RF Power LDMOS Transistor in our application.

We are biasing the PA as per the datasheet ie.VDD = 28 Vdc,IDQA = 450 mA, VGSB = 1.2 Vdc.

where Carrier amplifier is biased for fixed current of 450mA and peak amplifier to fixed voltage of 1.2V,


am i right in biasing the PA or we should be adjusting the carrier and peak amplifier bias to get optimum results?


Please help me out in this.



Note : it is not allowing to post this question in RF amplifier publish location that is the reason why I am posting It here.