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i2c reading problem

Question asked by Aravind palanisamy on Jul 4, 2019
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                                                                     I am using LPC824 mcuxpresso IDE  , i need 16 bit adc o/p but in lpc824 internally having only 12 bit  for  that i chosen the external adc for 16 bit resolution ADC IC name  (ADS1115   I2C )  . In this ic simply we can connect the adc  to  the controller with sda, scl pin means it can automatically read the values, but i read the i2c adc in i2c interrupt  with controller it doesn't read any value from the ads1115 adc . in MCUXPRESSO some examples are having in that example some i2c LED  coding are available that was working but i2c reading example is not having.  i verified in our datasheet also but i didn't got any solution from datasheet .my LPC824 is master and ads1115 is slave .  please let me know how to read the i2c value in the lpc824 and also provide some example code for read the i2c values. checked my ADS1115  is working are not for that clarification used the arduino uno controller  connect the sda ,scl in arduino uno my ADS1115 O/P was coming but in lpc824 having some problem plz let me know the brief explanation



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