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LPUART module documentation confusing for kinetis k26

Question asked by Abhishek Sinha on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Robin_Shen

In LPUART , in the control register, its already given that bit field 31 and 30 are the R8T9 and R9T8 respectively, which are the received or transmit bits of the data. However, data register of the same module too contains the bits R9T9 and R8T8 which are described as data buffer 9 or 8 for transmit and received. Now comes the confusing part - If I want to write a 10 bit data, where do I write? according to the manual I should first write to CTRL register bits then to the data register bits. But if thats the case, why do we even have the buffer bits in the data register? I also wanted to know the difference between the two, i.e., the R9T9 R8T8 bits of data register and R8T9 R9T8 bits of Control register

 I believe I am missing out something here. Any help would be much appreciated.