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NMI Wakeup through ICU Module

Question asked by surya phani teja on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Daniel Martynek



I am using S32K146. I have configured PTD3 as NMI and corresponding ISR for NMI as Falling Edge Interrupt in the ICU Module. I am working on Battery Management System (12v). 


My test procedure is "When the ECU goes to sleep, I need to increase one of the cell voltage from 3.3v to 4.5v and interrupt will occur on NMI Pin".


During the testing, when the ECU goes to sleep for the first time. I am increasing one of the cell voltage to 4.5v and wakeup is happening immediately. When the ECU goes to sleep for the second time, again i am increasing the cell voltage to 4.5v, but wakeup is not happening for the second time immediately. It is taking 2-3 minutes for Wakeup


During the debugging, i found that the NMI Pin is connected to many sources  and the second time Wakeup is occuring with other source. 


So, Can anyone help me  how to achieve the same behaviour for the NMI (immediate wakeup) as how it happens for the First time wakeup?