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BLC9G20XS-160AV DXF file

Question asked by Ramarao Bitra on Jul 2, 2019

Hi Team,


I can see 2 dxf files for BLC9G20XS-160AV as attached. Could you please let us know which one is the correct one and also, I am not able to import the one, BLC9G20XS-160AV_test circuit_amp00126.dxf in ADS. Is it a password protected file?


BLC9G20XS-160AV_TC_V3.dxf and BLC9G20XS-160AV_test circuit_amp00126.dxf are available on website.(Not able to attach them here)


The problem with the BLC9G20XS-160AV_TC_V3.dxf file is that the impedance is not matching (4.4-j6.4) in my simulations as per the datasheet (2.85-j5.54). However, the dxf is matching with the datasheet test circuit.

Could you please clarify whcih one is correct DXF and also is there any change in the impedance matched from the ref. design to the Datasheet specified value?