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PDM EEPROM Bitmap Counters JENOS JN5169 / JN516x

Question asked by Jack Lula on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Does anyone have experience / recommendations regarding the PDM EEPROM Bitmap counters (some assistance from NXP would be greatly appreciated). We are using the PDM_eCreateBitmap functionality as we need large persistent counters  (and cannot predict power cycle frequency). Creating the counter and reading the counter works perfectly, but the flags and operation due not appear to match the documentation:  JN-UG-3075.


The documentation implies that the "counter" will toggle a bit every count up, which means in a typical segment, approximately 400 bits available for toggling. When a segment is full, it should return a flag of full, but will automatically move to the next segment. Issue 1) The flag is never set to full.   We are looking to check the flag to verify that number of "400" before it jumps to the next segment so that we can estimate EEPROM lifetime based on write cycles.


As well, we had expected the pu32InitialValue would increase, and the pu32BitmapValue would go between 0-400 as it moved through filling up one segment. However, the Initial Value stays at 0, and the BitmapValue keeps increasing (into the hundreds of thousands).


The flag not reporting a full segment would be okay if we could validate our expectations of operation, i.e. that it will move from PDM EEPROM segment to segment approximately every 400 counts.