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SL3S4011_4021 chip hardware connection with mcu

Question asked by 张 鋆 on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by Kan_Li

Good morning! There are a few questions about the SL3S4011_4021 chip.
1. Is there a schematic diagram of the SL3S4011_4021 chip and MCU connection? We encountered some problems when using the SL3S4011_4021 chip, because the SL3S4011_4021 chip will generate a falling edge when receiving the RF signal. We use the STM32 microcontroller external interrupt to capture this falling edge. The connection method is SCL of stm32 connected to SCL of SL3S4011_4021, and SDA of stm32 is connected to SDA of SL3S4011_4021.
Can we use a single pin of the STM32 to capture the falling edge instead of the SCL pin in IIC communication? The problem with this is that the SCL pin of the SL3S4011_4021 is connected to the two pins of the STM32 chip (SCL and capture falling edge pins). Is this method correct? Does the SCL of SL3S4011_4021 have such a large driving capability? Can you provide the correct connection method? Is there a code?

Thank you!