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power mode switch

Question asked by maniram nagothi on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by jeremyzhou


1. using the power mode switch example, i am testing the current difference in the normal and idle mode's, i had observed:

normal mode :90mA

idle mode      :0mA


can i know whether the observed current rating are correct?( i am checking the current values by connecting the multi-meter probes to J36 jumper).


(NOTE: these current ratings are obtained IMXRT1050-EVKB)


2. i am using a customized board which has the IMXRT1052 chip set, when i do the current measurement on the board, the observed values are:

normal mode : 50mA 

idle mode      : 40mA


NOTE: the example of the power mode switch code is used to make the MPU to idle mode.


if the obtained current values are wrong, what should be the exact difference from normal mode to idle mode?


3. in the power switch example, there is a use of vPortPRE_SLEEP_PROCESSING() and vPortPOST_SLEEP_PROCESSING() functionalities, i have called these functionalities directly in my main() to check the currents in idle state.

in the postsleep() there is a check for the this particular register to be NULL, when the execution comes this place, it goes into infinite loop.

/* Wait CCM operation finishes */
while (CCM->CDHIPR != 0)


NOTE: this above given observation is on the customized board


whether the calling the presleep() and postsleep() is directly is not correct?

when do this presleep() and postsleep() functions will be called and how does RTOS calls this functions?