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Some issue in operation of IIC,using nhs3152

Question asked by Li Liao on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Li Liao


    In my solution, I need IIC communication. Here is my circuit:

   And I add 10Ω resistance for protecting circuit. But When I run software, IIC I/O always go wrong. It's like the I/O port totally doesn't work.

  I know IIC port work in open-drain mode. But I don't know using 10Ω protection ok or not.

  And when I use oscillograph to detect signal, I/O port always break down, unless I detect through 1K protection resistance.




  In communication, I find one possible problem that is START condition.

  If I neet to read data from sensor, I should re-start without stop signal. And I don't know IIC API founction could achieve this operation or not.

  By the way, I have communicated with sensor using stm32 in gpio imitation method. And it's a little difficult to do the same way in nhs3152, because I couldn't set timer  precise and steady.

  Until now, void I2C0_IRQHandler(void) function still doesn't work.

  Thanks for your reply.