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Question asked by flight q on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by flight q

Hello Martin Kovar:

I have some questions for you.I hope you can give me an answer.


About  LP_STOP routine of mpc5748g,while configration wake up unit ,Operational Register 【WKPU_WIREER】、【WKPU_WIFER】、【WKPU_WRER】and 【WKPU_WIPUER】.What are their values based on?There is no detailed description in the reference manual.

Below is the routine code:

WKPU.WIREER.R = 0X00000042;

WKPU.WIFER.R = 0X00000040;

WKPU.WRER.R = 0X00000002;



Please give me some help. Thank you.