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JN5169 terminal device sleep and wake up problem

Question asked by 震 孙 on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by 震 孙

Hello, I am now working on JN5169 enddevice.Now I have three problems.The first question is, when the terminal device goes to sleep and wakes it up by pressing the button, it reconnects to the network. Is this the case for all terminal devices?Second, when the terminal device presses the button for the first time after falling asleep, it will re-enter the network, but it will not execute the program under the button event. Does this situation mean that the first press of the button can only wake up the device?The third question is that I used the source code of 1217 basic equipment provided on the official website. When the equipment entered deep sleep, its current was about 170uA, which did not meet the standard of a few hundredth of uA required for deep sleep. Why?