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How to copy projects in MCUXpresso v11.0.0 and rename to a new revision letter?

Question asked by Brett Utesch on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2019 by Con Verse

Historically my company has been doing version control in this manner:


ProjectName(A)    this would be the initial release of the project.

Copy ProjectName(A) in Windows filesystem and rename it to ProjectName(B). Change code in B. If another revision is needed, copy B and rename to C and so forth.


Now we have ProjectName(A), ProjectName(B), and ProjectName(C) in the Windows filesystem.


This process has worked well until MCUXpresso v11.0.0.  It appears all projects are getting imported now as ProjectName(A) even though the folder name is ProjectName(B) in Windows filesystem.  Since all projects are getting importing as the base file name (from which it was copied) I can only import one project due to all filenames importing as ProjectName(A).  


This has created a serious problem.  How is one suppose to copy a project and rename to a new revision letter?


I tried to do a file\copy in MCUXpresso file explorer pane and then paste into the MCUXpresso explorer pane with extremely unpleasant results.  It did copy but it also copied EVERY single project in the folder (there are 17 projects in this folder and put them ALL as sub projects.  Now Windows file system doesn't even show this files exists.  Naturally this project is NOT what I wanted so I deleted it use right mouse button in MCUXpresso and selecting delete.  Then MCUXpresso has check boxes to delete the project? or to delete the sub projects?  I selected the project.  This deleted ALL of my projects from Windows.  Luckily I backup everything before doing this.  Is this normal/correct behavior?  How does one undo this sub project creation?


I'm clearly doing something wrong or there is something seriously wrong with version 11.  Any help in how I'm suppose to copy projects and create a new revision would be greatly appreciated or how I'm supposed to import my projects and keep the Windows file name as the project name.