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MPC5744P - start up

Question asked by Naveen Lingampelly on Jun 28, 2019
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i am new to MPC and i am trying to understand start up sequence of MPC5744P base on  a available project.


Below is the snapshot of mot file generated.



.boot_rcw is assigned to address 0x00FA0000 in linker script.







Below is the snap from startup code.





As per below info, _start is assigned value at address 0x00FA0004 which is 0x00FA0500




RCHW_VAL( .boot_rcw) is assigned value 015A0000 in start up file, which can be seen in mot file(at 0x00FA0000).

Not able to understand how the next 4 bytes in mot file(0x00FA0004) has value 0x00FA0500

Dont find any assignment anywhere in start up or linker.


Thank you.@@@