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PWM generation with using Quad Timer (56F8037)

Discussion created by David Slivka on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2009 by David Slivka
I have a little problem. In my application with DSC 56F8037, Iam using all 6 PWM to drive 3ph DC/AC converter (for 6 IGBT), but I need to use another one PWM signal to drive input chopper circuit (in recuperation process). I read datasheet of 8037, there is a possibility use Quad-TImer in Fixed/Variable PWM mode.

My question : Can i use this for generate another PWM signal through any pin ? (for example GPIOD4 or GPIOD5). Will I have to trigger this pin in  Quad-timer interrupt?

Thanx a lot and sorry for my english.

David S.