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Generating assembly list file in KDS

Question asked by Larry DeMuth on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2019 by Larry DeMuth

I'm having a Hard Fault issue with MQX4.2 in the TCP/IP task. I am able to display the exception information (R0 - 3, R12, LR, PC, PSW), but don't know how to find the line that caused the exception since I don't have the assembly list for my code.


I'm using KDS 3.2 and GNU tools for compiling. How can I generate an assembly list file for my code so I can find where the exception is happening?

Is there another way to find where it is happening in the code without an assembly list file?

I can't step through with the debugger since it happens at random, and not on my test board. It only happens when its in the field at a customer site.