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Question on IMX6QP Camera Input Capability

Question asked by David Trinh on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2019 by David Trinh

Hi Community,

I have a question to ask regarding the data throughput of the IMX6QP camera interface.

I have a hardware setup as follow:


1 (ONE) 3.2MP@38fps YUV422 camera connect to the IMX6QP MIPI-CS2 4 lanes port.

2 (TWO)  HD 1280x720@30fps YUV422 cameras connect to each of the IMX6QP VIN (Parallel) ports

Our design target is for this setting to work in the way that the IMX6QP will read all these 3 camera simultaneously without frame drop. I have checked the Reference manual and related application notes. All in all, I am understanding that the IMX6QP can handle this setting seamlessly.

(My board has 64-bit DDR3 setting)


My question is : is my above assumption correct?! If not, what is the problem here?

Thank you for you time to my question.