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Dual Image Update vs Dual Enhanced image

Question asked by Robert Murphy on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Alice_Yang

Please clarify some confusion I am having between two similar boot options. The Dual Image Update process described in the LPC55Sxx boot loader document (Ref below) and the Dual Enhanced image process as outlined in the LPC5411x user document. 


Question 1: Is the only difference between the Dual Image Update process and the Dual Enhanced image process is that the Dual image process overwrites the the active image with the new image while the Dual Enhanced leaves both images in place and runs the higher of the two valid images?


Question 2; Does the LPC55Sxx support Dual Enhanced now with the expectation to support Dual Image update in a future revision or is there no dual image option in the current release and the future release will only support Dual Enhanced image?


Question3: If the LPC55Sxx will only support Dual Image Update, can dual image update be configured to act like Dual Enhanced image. Meaning can the Dual Image Update be configured to run the second image in place (i.e. not at address 0) and leave the first version in place.



LPC5411x User manual
Rev. 2.0 — 9 May 2018


Firmware Update Using Secondary Bootloader
Rev. 0 — 23 January 2019