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both Chip_GPDMA_PrepareDescriptor and Chip_GPDMA_SGTransfer call  Chip_GPDMA_InitChannelCfg

Question asked by S S on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by Alice_Yang


Both  Chip_GPDMA_PrepareDescriptor and   Chip_GPDMA_SGTransfer functions call  Chip_GPDMA_InitChannelCfg. According to few posts we need to use descriptor we need to call both these functions. In that case calling Chip_GPDMA_InitChannelCfg in both functions looks like an error. Is it?

Also do have a better documents explaining  how to receive a unknown packet size using DMA and when to use descriptors and when to use Chip_GPDMA_Transfer?