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FRDM-KW36 BLE Issue- Advertising to other  devices doesn't happen when adv Filter Policy is "gProcessWhiteListOnly_c" and the adv type is "fastWhiteListAdvState_c"

Question asked by Sai Kalyana Raman on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez



Greetings for the day!


I have a requirement of autoconnecting of a phone device with KW36.

After making sure that i have devices paired/connected with the FRDM-KW36,i have set the Advertising Filter Policy as "gProcessWhiteListOnly_c" and the adv type is "fastWhiteListAdvState_c" and try to advertise to the whitelisted devices only,but unfortunately the advertising is not happening(but as said in the below usecase which i have mentioned, i tried keeping two devices in whitelist,one is samsung s9 and another is lenovo z2 plus and i do a reset in frdmkw36 by clicking the reset button,the advertising do happen only to lenovo z2 plus and never it gets advertised in samsung s9 and also even though the device is getting advertised in the lenovo z2 plus, when i initiate a connection from lenovo,the lenovo phone shows that "couldn't pair with nxp_hid because of an incorrect pin or passkey" ).


Issue Usecase :   

1) Flash HID_device example from FRDM-KW36 SDK and connected/paired two devices (First Samsung S9, Second Lenovo Z2 Plus).

2) Reset FRDM-KW36 and kept a break point  in BleConnManager_GapCommonConfig function at this line : 




3) As you can see first device added to whitelist is Samsung s9 and next is lenovo z2 plus,after this just for testing,i changed the filter policy for advtype with filterpolicy as gProcessWhiteListOnly_c to test autoconnection,because as per the implementation,after 10 seconds the FRDM-KW36 goes to fastAdvState_c in advertisingtimercallback and hence to make sure i am in whitelist only,i have done the below changes.




Expected Behaviour : The FRDM-KW36 should advertise to the two whitelisted devices(S9,Z2 plus) and autoconnection shall take place to any one of the devices which initiates connect request to it.


Actual Behaviour : I was waiting for 20 seconds for the phone to get autoconnected ,but the phone didnt get,so i tried connect request manually by clicking on the phone paired device list and even after that it didnt get connect successfully,then i deleted the pairing in the phone side and waited for FRDM-KW36 to get advertised but unfortunately the phone didnt get advertise in samsung s9 whitelisted device, but the FRDM-KW36 was advertising to Lenovo Z2 plus whitelisted device, after this i try connecting to FRDM-KW36 from lenovo Z2 plus which always pop up like "couldn't pair with nxp_hid because of an incorrect pin or passkey"


I request to kindly make whitelist filter to work as it is very important for us.


Many thanks in advance!



Sai Kalyana Raman