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How to change ip address using LWIP on K64

Question asked by Ian Norman on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Ian Norman

Hi, I've managed to incorporate the LWIP stack into our project and can successfully ping etc.. and have now moved on to try and make the ip address as a user setting but I'm have trouble getting this to apply. I've followed the ping example and adding netif_set_down first to the sequence as 



printf("ip address set as %d.%d.%d.%d\r\n",configIP_ADDR[0],configIP_ADDR[1],configIP_ADDR[2],configIP_ADDR[3]);


IP4_ADDR(&fsl_netif0_ipaddr, configIP_ADDR[0], configIP_ADDR[1], configIP_ADDR[2], configIP_ADDR[3]);
IP4_ADDR(&fsl_netif0_netmask, configNET_MASK[0], configNET_MASK[1], configNET_MASK[2], configNET_MASK[3]);
IP4_ADDR(&fsl_netif0_gw, configGW_ADDR[0], configGW_ADDR[1], configGW_ADDR[2], configGW_ADDR[3]);


netif_add(&fsl_netif0, &fsl_netif0_ipaddr, &fsl_netif0_netmask, &fsl_netif0_gw,
&fsl_enet_config0, ethernetif0_init, ethernet_input);




After setting a new ip address pinging the previous address now fails so it's had some effect but I can't successfully ping the new address.


Any ideas on what steps I'm missing?