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LS1021 TSN  Qbv demo

Question asked by bhavya r on Jun 27, 2019
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I am referring to Synchronized Qbv demo from openil document for LS1021 TSN hardware.


In document it is mentioned  multiple schedulers can be synchronized using PTP. But if there is a scenario where one scheduler in the network, gets synchronized to PTP clock with certain noticeable amount of delay, how operation cycle time can be configured to compensate the offset difference. Please suggest possible approaches can be considered. Thanks.


"But even then, if there are multiple Time-Aware Schedulers in the same L2 network, they need to have a common notion of time.By synchronizing the clocks of all Time-Aware Schedulers using IEEE 1588 (PTP), frames can be forwarded in a coordinated manner, similar to synchronized traffic lights"