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[LS1046A] Where MAC addresses are stored?

Question asked by Łukasz Łaguna on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Łukasz Łaguna

We're wondering where LS1046A storing the MAC addresses. For example on i.MX6 there were fuses, but we can't find anything similar to that on LS1046.


On reference boards LS1046ARDB, MAC addresses surely are stored somewhere, U-Boot gets proper values (the same as on stickers), but we can't find where they come from.


We checked content of MAC_ADDR_0, MAC_ADDR_1, etc. (Table 6-4. Module Memory Map of DPAA Reference Manual) on reference board, but there was no value similar to MAC address. The memory addresses on which we based are:

* CCSR: 0x1000000
* FMAN: 0x1A00000
* EMAC1: 0xE0000 (we also tried with other controllers)
* MAC_ADDR_0: 0x00C (we also tried with other registers)


Could someone help us with that? Thanks.