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Unlock and erase SNEAK32XX2

Discussion created by Michael Lindell on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by Michael Lindell
I am yet again working with a custom board that has the processor SKEAZN32XXX2. I can connect to it but the JLink-programmer fails to read AP/DP registers when I am trying to execute the unlock Kinetis command (see "unlock kinetis command.png). 
I have tried to power off the board and then turn it on again. I am able to connect to the MCU and do the initial read upon the connect command.  But when I run the erase command I am not able to either halt the processor or erase it (see "erase command.png" for details). Also worth mentioning is that the measured VREF is 3.37V.
I have verified that the issue is not with the JLink-programmer since I have tried and successfully program and erase another custom board of ours with the same MCU.
Therefore, what causes these issues and is there any way around it?
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