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Creating Device Configuration Data for iMXRT1021

Question asked by Chris Cowdery on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by Chris Cowdery

Hi All,

 On my project, I need to increase the amount of D-TCM from 64K to 128K. I have modified my linker script to do this (no problem), but now the device Hardfaults after reset. This is because the stack pointer is in the 'new' part of D-TCM which is not configured yet. I have configuration commands in my code (setting up GPR16 & GPR17), but it doesn't reach them because the crash is after the first PUSH instruction after Reset.


So, to fix it, I need to move my setting of GPR16 and GPR17 to before the first jump. To do this, I believe I need to change the DCD.

Currently the DCD is in evkmimxrt1020_sdram_ini_dcd.c, but it is in 'hex' form, so it is not clear what any of it does.

I could just experiment by adding commands to the end and see what happens, but it would be better if I could have a tool that creates this file from a template?, or the original source file with comments?, or something else?


How are we supposed to make our own DCD?