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4GB LPDDR4 issue with iMX8MQ

Question asked by NIRMAL LUHANA on Jun 26, 2019
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Release: Yocto-Morty (4.9.51_GA)

Board: i.MX8MQ based custom board


We working on iMX8MQ based custom board with 4GB LPDDR4. I have done changes at u-boot for 4GB LPDDR4 support. Now, when we boot-up board with 4GB configurations it prints a number of various register/memory dumps at the kernel level and these things working fine with 3GB configuration.


This behaviour happens only once at the boot-up time else it works fine with 4GB LPDDR4 configuration.


I have attached logs file for reference.

It is a known issue? Is there a fix/workaround?


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