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Lpspi slave transmission error with Yocto and i.mx8

Question asked by Erica Magari on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hello, I have a problem with my lpspi slave driver. I am using the i.mx8qmlpddr4arm2 board with Yocto Morty. I added lpspi slave support from newer kernel, in particular I am using this version of lpspi driver:

To make the system work correcty in my board I have modified the interrupt service routine of the driver:


static irqreturn_t fsl_lpspi_isr(int irq, void *dev_id)
    u32 temp_SR, temp_IER;
    struct fsl_lpspi_data *fsl_lpspi = dev_id;

    temp_IER = readl(fsl_lpspi->base + IMX7ULP_IER);
    fsl_lpspi_intctrl(fsl_lpspi, 0);
    temp_SR = readl(fsl_lpspi->base + IMX7ULP_SR);


    if ((temp_SR & SR_TDF) && (temp_IER & IER_TDIE)) {
        return IRQ_HANDLED;

    if (temp_SR & SR_RDF && (temp_IER & IER_RDIE)) {
        return IRQ_HANDLED;

    return IRQ_NONE;


and the function write_tx_fifo:


static void fsl_lpspi_write_tx_fifo(struct fsl_lpspi_data *fsl_lpspi)
    u8 txfifo_cnt;
    u32 temp;

    txfifo_cnt = readl(fsl_lpspi->base + IMX7ULP_FSR) & 0xff;

    while (txfifo_cnt < fsl_lpspi->txfifosize) {
        if (!fsl_lpspi->remain)

    if (txfifo_cnt < fsl_lpspi->txfifosize) {
        if (!fsl_lpspi->is_slave) {
            temp = readl(fsl_lpspi->base + IMX7ULP_TCR);
            temp &= ~TCR_CONTC;
            writel(temp, fsl_lpspi->base + IMX7ULP_TCR);
        fsl_lpspi_intctrl(fsl_lpspi, IER_RDIE);
    } else
        fsl_lpspi_intctrl(fsl_lpspi, IER_TDIE);


My board in slave mode can comunicate with another board, and the data received is correct, but when I perform two consecutive transfers, the words received in the second one are read one word late, I mean it seems that the transmit fifo is not loaded in time so when a word arrives I am still loading the transmit fifo and the receive interrupt do not fire. It is weird because the data is sent one word each second, which is a lot of time. I have tried with clock speed at 100k hz, 200k hz and 500k hz.

What could be the reason of this behaviour? And how could I adjust it?

Thanks a lot,