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S32K state LIN sleep/wake-up issues

Question asked by Veronica Constantinoaia on Jun 26, 2019
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We are using a S32K board as a LIN master and are having some trouble with the go_to_sleep and wake-up messages. Firstly, when the go to sleep command is issued ( we are using l_ifc_goto_sleep() function from provided SDK), the master LIN node doesn't actually go into LIN_NODE_STATE_SLEEP_MODE as it should. The lin_update_tx service does get triggered, but puts the node directly into IDLE state, instead of sleep. For the sake of testing, I have manually called the set low power mode function; when a slave issues a wake-up call, the interrupt gets triggered on the master, but the node remains in SLEEP state. It seems that while the LIN_LPUART_DRV_CheckWakeupSignal() function is reached, because when the LIN master is in sleep state/low power the polarity of the receive data is false, the actual check if the received signal is a wake-up does not get performed. The LIN slaves in this configuration are from the S12 MagniV microcontrollers family.