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About LPC824 ADC Conversion

Question asked by 志荣 陈 on Jun 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by 志荣 陈

Hello Everyone:

I Had try to use ADC function to check the battery,but it can not continue when I start it(following figure),and I had try to referance a lot of demo core to implemention requirement( the project can not debug now,because that the project had open the deep power dowm mode before,and I had close that,but it also can not debug),and this project was switch form LPC822(all the function designed before is work properly),and I had  updat the IDE and CONFIG TOOL just now(the ADC also can not work),can you help me? thanks.

(the following discribe is base on Chinese)


目前我有个项目正在使用LPC824实现ADC检测电池电压的功能,在应用中我发现如下配置下启动转换的时候无法完成转换,同时我还参考了许多的DEMO程序,但是均无法实现ADC,为此我还特地升级了IDE和CONFIG TOOL,但是都不能奏效,还请帮忙尽早解决,谢谢