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Two versions of fsl_dcp.c/.h in SDK -- which one is official?

Question asked by Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick on Jun 25, 2019
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It seems there are two versions of the file fsl_dcp.c and fsl_dcp.h in the SDK. Specifically I am looking at:



Build Date: 2019-06-25, Device: MIMXRT1052xxxxB

OS: Windows, Toolchain: MCUXpresso IDE

SDK Version: 2.6.0 (2019-06-14)


1) "Copyright 2017 NXP"



2) "Copyright 2016-2018 NXP" 




The problem with the later version found in the middleware directory is that, even though it is a later version, it is missing all of the DCP_HASH_ functions present in the 2017 version of fsl_dcp.c. The later version also has a different API. Is there a version of fsl_dcp.c available based off of the 2018 version which has the hash functions in them? If not, can someone explain why there are two versions?


Thanks so much!

Steve Schwartz-Fenwick