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NVT2006 Pull-up resister maximum value

Question asked by Masahiro Kiniwa on Jun 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales


We are evaluating NVT2006 for our application, and we have one issue as below.

I think that its reason is pull-up resister value of B-side, but we could find only its minimum value.

Could you tell me the pull-up resister maximum value in bellow condition?

(We would like to use a resister as high as possible for reducing current consumption.)



When A-side device output high, NVT2006 output about 2.5V to B-side.



A-side 1.8V, B-side 3.3V

Rpu(B) = 100kohm

load current of B-side device : a few uA.



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