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The command line generated abs file can't be used to debug

Question asked by SimonZhu on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2009 by NIRAJ SHARMA
Hello Wang,
I am using command line method to build my application, but I can't use hiwave.exe to debug the generated abs file, it always report the error as below, detail pls see the attached screenshot:
And also I can't set the breakpoint, it seems not work. Attached pls find my application, I use my own debug.exe to autoload hiwave.exe. My sample applicaiton only contains three source files including main.c, datapage.c and start12.c which I copied from a Codewarrior IDE generated project and didn't make any change.
I am using the CodeWarrior_for_HCS12_V4.7 and demo board DEMO9S12XEP100.
Do I need the command file for debug tool?