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i.MX6LL DDR Stress Test Tool Fails

Question asked by Jack Jiang on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by igorpadykov
Hello all,
I'm using the DDR Stress Test tool to optimize our DDR configuration our own board. There are about 300 boards in total, three of which failed (calibration test). The log is in the attachment, can you help me confirm this fault? Thanks.
Starting DQS gating calibration
. HC_DEL=0x00000000 result[00]=0x00000010
. HC_DEL=0x00000001 result[01]=0x00000010
. HC_DEL=0x00000002 result[02]=0x00000010
. HC_DEL=0x00000003 result[03]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x00000004 result[04]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x00000005 result[05]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x00000006 result[06]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x00000007 result[07]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x00000008 result[08]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x00000009 result[09]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x0000000A result[0A]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x0000000B result[0B]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x0000000C result[0C]=0x00000011
. HC_DEL=0x0000000D result[0D]=0x00000011
ERROR FOUND, we can't get suitable value !!!!
dram test fails for all values.