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Writing UART Interrupt Handler for T104xRDB

Question asked by unknown issuee on Jun 24, 2019
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I'm working on T1042RDB and The board have duart for serial communication.  I dont want to use polling method to receive or transmit data and  because of that i try to write an interrupt handler for UART but i am also new to powerpc family. I'll tell what I tried to write an interrupt handler but i'm sold i'm wrong : )

btw, i dont use any operating systems, the application which i try to write is standalone.


I firstly read the T1040 reference manual  and chapter 5 is about Interrupt Assignments.


in that chapter ;

there is a table for internal interrupt sources and it says 20th internal interrupt corresponds to DUART 1 interrrupt source.


the explanation for IVPR from e5500 reference manual ; 

"IVPR[0-47] provides the high-order 484 bits of the address of the exception processing routines. the 16-bit vector offsets(IVORs) are concatenated to the right of IVPR to form the address of the exception processing routine."


the explanation for IVOR from e5500 reference manual;

" ....... but use only IVORn[48-59], as shown in figure 2-5, to hold the quad-word index from the base address provided by the IVPR for each interrupt type".


then, let's assume i set IVOR20 register to 0x190 and IVPR register to 0.


IVPR + IVOR20 = 0.....0 + 000110010000 + 0000 = 0x1900 is interrupt service routine address or interrupt handler address. 


and then i should place my interrupt service routine to 0x1900 memory address when i initialize some basic stuff.


by the way, there is a IVOR20 register, isnt it ? i have doubt it's a register which we can access or not .


and my question is rising, i'm wrong or not ? if i'm wrong, engliht me, and please , if dont use sophisticated word to explain, i will appericate you.


thanks in advance.