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MPC5748G UTEST cannot be rewrite after enable read protection

Question asked by Frank Zhao Employee on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by Frank Zhao

Hi, NXP,


After I have made the reading protection of UTEST, I encountered the following problems:

1. The chip is in reset state, after the restart (whether or not JTAG is connected).

2. I can view the data form UTEST by using the lauderbach after enter the Password of  JTAG and select the function of        'Halt core at power-on reset', but I cannot write new data( Unlock utest flash read protection) to UTEST flash.


UTEST flash DCF records:


1. Why I didn`t set the LOCK3[DBL] bit, but I had to enter the password of JTAG to halt the chip when enabled the UTEST Flash for read?

2. Why cannot rewrite the data on UTEST? 


Below is PASS register status:(All flash blocks are readable and writable)


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