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S32 Design Studio so slow it is unusable on some machines

Question asked by Dermot Murphy on Jun 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2019 by Dermot Murphy

I have just purchased the development board for the MPC5748G, and installed S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture 2017.R1.


On some machines, Eclipse is so slow it is unusable.  


We currently use other MPC devices using CodeWarrior Classic, and Eclipse V10.5 with no issues.  For comparison, MPC5604B example on Eclipse V10.5 cleans and builds in around 30seconds on all machines tried.


With Eclipse S32 DS, it takes around 18mins to clean, and 30mins to build the example project Hello on one machine, and around 1min on a second identical machine with the same version of Windows.  Connection to the network does not affect the result.


What dependencies do we need to check to get DS running consistently?