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mpc5748 as an USB device

Question asked by Michael Binz on Jun 21, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by abdelmadjid hocine

We want to connect the devkit-mcp5748g board as an USB cdc device to a host computer.


I had a look into the USB samples available with the newest SDK (S32_SDK_BETA_2.9.0)  usb_cdc_lwip and usb_msd_fatfs.  These implement an USB host.


I checked the discussions in this board and found out that no sample code for the devkit-board as an USB device exists.


Since we have solid USB know-how, we thought about implementing the missing functionality on our own.  Since this board and processor is new for us, we need some support:


Is it possible at all to implement an USB *device* on the devkit-mcp5748g board? The USB0OTG unit described in chapter 47.2.1 of the mpc5748g data sheet rev 7.1 seems to be connected to OpenSDA in the devkit schematics.

USBHS (USB1) described in the data sheet in chapter 47.3.1. can only operate in host mode.


Is it possible to use the USB micro connector on the board for application purposes if JTAG is used for debugging? Our application actually just needs a serial port over USB, the less we have to implement the better and it seems as if OpenSDA already communicates as a device.