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About PMU_REG_xxx_TOG register

Question asked by Takayuki Ishii on Jun 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Takayuki Ishii

Hello community.


I try to evaluate internal LDO of i.mx6QP.


In 52.7 PMU Memory Map/Register Definition of Reference manual IMX6DQPRM.

It have additional 3 registers for each PMU_REG_XXXX registers named _SET, _CLR and _TOG.

Does it funct that 

  • PMU_REG_xxxx : write 1 to set bit, write 0  to clear bit.
  • PMU_REG_xxxx_SET : write 1 to set bit, write 0 is ignored.
  • PMU_REG_xxxx_CLR : write 1 to clear bit, write 0 is ignored.
  • PMU_REG_xxxx_TOG : write 1 to toggle bit(1->0 or 0->1), write 0 is ignored.


It have only one PMU_REG_xxxx register and

to read/write each register address are effect to PMU_REG_xxxx register.


Is it correct?


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