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MCUX 11.0.0 - MCT v6 DCD Editor suggestions

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Tonda Tomanec

So, I'm very much appreciating the addition of the DCD Editor to the MCU Config Tools v6 in MCUX 11.0.0.  It's certainly more structured and versatile than command-line tools.  I do have a few suggestions for improvement...


1) PLEASE sort the register names alphabetically when picking registers for commands.  It's maddening to sort through the IOMUX and SEMC register lists trying to find one specific register when they're all haphazardly ordered.


2) It would be SUPER handy to be able to select and drag multiple consecutive (i.e. blocks of) commands at once.  For instance, taking a long list of DCD commands, then making a new group and selecting a portion of those commands and dragging them into the new group.


3) Can you add a copy/paste function for commands?  I get that you can effectively "cut and paste" a single command by dragging and re-ordering it, but it would be super-handy to create one command (say, a write to an IO PAD register), then paste it a bunch of times and only edit the register names, instead of manually creating 40+ commands and editing every subfield.


4) Combining #2 and #3, it would be great to copy and paste multiple commands at once.  For instance, I'm adding SEMC SDRAM commands, which are sets of three "write slave address, write command, wait for interrupt bit" commands.  Right now, I have to manually create each individual command.  Would be great to select all three commands, copy, then paste a couple of times, boom, I now have three complete sets of SEMC commands that I can just edit the values of.


5) It would be very convenient if, when I click on a register name in an existing command, the selection window opens up and shows the existing register already highlighted, thus making it easy to change the selection to an adjacent register, rather than having to drill into the register selections from the top level all over again.


6) This is very much a "nice to have", but it would be great if for "write value" commands for registers, there were an interface to view and edit the individual fields of a register, instead of having to calculate the 32-bit composite value elsewhere.


I do appreciate that you keep adding to and improving the tools.  Hopefully some of these suggestions can make it into the next revision of the tools.