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Strange problems with SAI EDMA and optimization level

Question asked by Roger Clark on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by Brian Smith

After adding some code to my project, I found the the I2S audio no longer worked.


But, the code that was added was to a completely different part of the application.


On further investigation, I found that for some reason if I call the SAI initialisation at start of my main(), which is fw_main_task() since I'm using RTOS, the audio gets corrupted.


I also found that the transfer using


SAI_TransferSendEDMA(I2S0, &g_SAI_TX_Handle, &xfer);


Was not receiving the ISR callback to indicate that the transfer was complete.


Debugging into SAI_TransferSendEDMA, as far as I can tell, the parameters which are passed in &xfer seem to have a valid length, which I presume is the only thing that matters


A workaround to get the ISR to be called, seems to be to set the optimization to anything except -Os (optimize for size).

-O2 (which is almost the same as -Os) works OK,  and even -O3 works.


So I'm kinda stumped about why...


1. I can't setup the SAI interface at the very beginning of main()

2. Why optimusation -O2 and -O3 work, and I get a callback (ISR), but -Os fails to do so.


Note, the optimization level is only in the function calling SAI_TransferSendEDMA. I initially tried turning down the optimization on fsl_si_edma.c but it didn't make any difference.


I also note that by default the SDK example projects are set to no optimization, which I find a bit odd, as normally I use -Os because -O0 results in very large binary sizes and code that runs unnecessarily slowly/