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Problem with memory in SDK 2.5.0 on LPC54114

Question asked by Ben Freudberg on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2019 by ZhangJennie

I'm having an issue when running


from 'fsl_clock.c'. This function calls a private function:


which relies on a static variable defined outside the body of the function at line 1220:

'static uint32_t s_PllSetupCacheIdx = 0U;'


The problem appears to be that the value is not properly initialized to 0. Debugging shows that it's value is 0x23806123 at memory address 0x20000058 when read the first time in the 'CLOCK_GetPllConfig()' function (the only function that uses this variable as far as I can tell).


Several other variables declared at the same time also do not have the correct initialization values. Does anyone have any ideas about how to figure out the problem?





I think my problem is related to memory allocation in the .ld file. I've got to do some more research.