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How to enable Sterio mic in imx6ulevk with wm8960?

Question asked by Vikneshwar Thandeswaran on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Vikneshwar Thandeswaran

Board used: Imx6ulevk

Image: Customized Yocto image.

Kernel version: 4.9.11


Hi Team,

I am working on a project for car infotainment system, I have to record stereo audio using wm8960 audio codec which is used on imx6ulevk base board. On baseboard we are having one onboard mic audio input and one jack input for headset mic.

Using arecord command i can record audio which uses onboard mic (RINPUT2  -MAINMIC-MIC2(P) , RINPUT -MAINMIC-MIC2(N)). I want to record stereo audio by using  both RINPUT CHANNEL AND LINPUT CHANNEL.

How to enable dual channel.