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UJA1169 can not work for unknown reasons

Question asked by jinxing cui on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by Edward Karpicz


 I have used s32k144(64 pins) to develop our project for some time. The hardware include a uja1169 which is used as CAN transceiver. I encounter a problem that the uja1169 can not send or receive messages again just for some unknown reasons. I can use the  MCU to  readback some informations of the can status register in  the uja1169, but the information shows that  the can is in an inactive status.I don not know what can cause this problem.This phenomenon(the uja1169 just workinrg normally for sometime but suddenly it can not send or receive messages anymore for unknown reasons) have blocked  our developing steps.I have checked the hardware circuit and sofrtware program, it is sure that there is no problem .Can you give some suggestions for us and I will appreciate you very much,thanh you!