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Blank memory check

Question asked by Marco Secondini on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by Jing Pan

Hi All,

I'm working for the first time with a MK64 microcontroller, that comes in the factory preprogrammed with a bootloader.

Anyway, my first prototypes seems not to be able to boot; I've checked my schematic and PCB with no error, and now the next step is to check if the MCU is programmed or not. 

How can I do that as a single operation? I've a PEmicro Cyclone FX that is compatible with Kinetics MCUs, but on MCUXpresso I've found only the complete procedure of Erase/Check/program that is not useful in my case.

Is there a different tool that is able to execute the simple memory blank check?


Thanks to all that will help me!!!