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Crosscompiling C/C++ code for Android on iMX8M Mini EVK

Question asked by Abhijit Thorat on Jun 18, 2019
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I am successfully able to use Android NDK and run and execute sample hello app on this iMX board.
  1. But instead of using NDK i want to cross compile C / C++ code using some tool-chain or some other method and execute it it on target hardware i.e iMX8M Mini EVK.
    As per my understanding on embedded Linux we need tool-chains and sysroot to cross compile any program or libraries but i am new to Embedded Android so i am not understanding how to do the same thing in Android.
    Basically I want to know how to cross compile C code for android without NDK.
  2. Also After my boards boots up when i try to execute basic commands such as sudo or vi or vim or dmesg on iMX8M mini then it gives me errors like - su: invalid uid/gid 'dmesg'    or commands not found etc.. Even GCC is also not available i think,


Can you please guide me?